Honey Wines

Ohhh honey, honey! Honey wine holds a special place in our hearts as that is how the Martin family started out in the wine industry. They had a career as beekeepers along the East Coast and wanted to find a new way to market their honey. So, they decided to learn how to make mead! Almost 20 years later, they own three different wineries and we are proud to continue their legacy of producing excellent honey wines.

Learn all about honey wines (aka mead) during our virtual tasting with Winemaker, Phil Plummer. He talks all about where we get our honey, how to make mead, and all of the different kinds we produce. It’s a great opportunity to learn all about this unique, ancient wine variety while tasting them too! This tasting features our traditional mead, Amendment XIX, and two pyments (honey grape wine), Seneca Nectar and Blooming Roots.


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